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DirectEcig2, 2338 Immokalee Rd.#419, Naples FL 34110-1445, is a rip-off. Ordered trial offer. That is all I wanted, nothing more.

But, it seems it is never ending. They apparently can keep on charging you(109.90 so far).

I may need to close my account to stop this vampire from draining me dry.

Still attempting to fight them; but it is like boxing with shadows. You cannot quite make out your opponent.

I cannot believe that there is nothing people can do to stop this sort of robbery.

Maybe if all of the victims banded together something would get done.

Monetary Loss: $109.

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Hello all!

I actually enjoyed reading some of your comments on here. I actually worked for these scammers.

We were told basically to tell all of the customers that they "agreed" to the terms and conditions and there was nothing that the customer could do. Meanwhile, the owner Wes...we will call him. He has ALL sorts of legal troubles. Besides the fact that they were running an illegal company, he also had pending lawsuits against him.

I remember a time that an officer came in looking for him, and we were told to lie and say he wasn't there. Obviously, he is being sued by quite a few They know that they have an F rating with the BBB, and they really don't care. And YES, they do have caller id.

So if you are calling to complain, they know who you are. They would just put the call back in que. Along with Wes Christensen. There are 2 other crooks there.

Angela Runyon and Nick Wahlstrom. They are spposedly the "managers" there. It's too bad that the other employees weren't treated fairly. I guess it's because we weren't sleeping with the

And yes, they will keep charging you. What I thought was really funny was the fact that they kept changing their website to accomodate the "terms and conditions", which were not clearly pointed out. I worked there long enough to find out all their dirty little secrets. I would love nothing more than to shut these crooks down.

Oh btw, this is not the only business they have. They are a third party call center. So if the electronic cigarette thing doesn't work out, then they will just move onto something else. Which is another scam as well.

Do not go after Direct E-Cig....go after Main Street Marketing. That's who you go after. And as far as Dove Realty is concerned....that is not his wife. That's his mother.

She is a nice lady and has nothing to do with his business. Well, that's my 2 cents and I hope that I have given someone a little insight to this company.

I wish I could write everything, but that would be like writing a book. So now you know....


Besides the Naples address on Immokalee there is a listing for the owner Wesley T Christensen

27541 South View Dr in Bonita Springs, FL 34135 . There is also a listing for his attorney James Dati at Bond Schoeneck & King: Dati. "James D Dati represents Directe, Inc. as their registered agent."

I think there is also some kind of connection (wife?) to Dove Realty on Bonita Springs.

I got scammed and I am not even a smoker . I bought this for a friend. Called their Customer Service line, and got hung up on and waited 20-30 mins before I could get through.

They billed my credit card before I received the product. I ended up cutting my losses and asking for cancellation of future refills.

I hope they actually cancel and I don;t have to get a new card number.


It is looking like there are quite a number of people complaining about this product/company. Maybe if we all joined together in a lawsuit? What say you?


I recently lodged a complaint against Direct e-cig with the Better Business Bureau. Maybe the other victims of this shoddy marketing ploy would like to do likewise?

Just a thought; the old STRENGTH IN NUMBERS thing. What do you say?

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