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Direct E cig mislead me by making me believe in their advertisement that it was only $4.95, then in turn charged me $109.00. Their business practices are deceiving and their customer service is below being acceptable customer service, they were very rude.

They did not answer any of my e mails and the trial was only 4 days because they charged my credit card the $109.00 only 4 days after i received my Ecig.

I would Like for the DIrect Ecig company to reimburse all of its customers the $109.00. I am looking forward to participating in a class action lawsuit

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For all you guys that got charged you should read the fine print when ordering anything off the internet. Its sad how many people think they are getting something for 4.95. People should learn to read fine prints and they should not get mad because they learned a valuable lesson


Im with you they reamed me too. very rude they talk over you and lie.

I told them to cancle my order and they refused to and charged me anyway. check out "wont refund my money" that I posted.


Im In

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