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Anyone for a class action law suit on these scammers? I have saved all my correspondences.

FYI: they are using the US Post Office to ship second orders -- a CRIME! These guys will not answer their phone or their emails. Also, they are not honoring the DATES for their requirements for trial usage. I have prepared an extensive list of my attempts to communicate with them, as well as the dates they stole money from my bank account.

They need to be taken down.

I am also preparing an FYI campaign for Face Book and YouTube. Let's take them down!

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Lee -- the company is scamming us. We need to band together and fight for our refund. Keep connected here at Pissed Consumer, & we'll figure this out as we go along ---


Got to me, also. I tracked my return with mesage to quit. They got it a week ago, but have not debited my account.

What to do?


To Those Who Are Pissed at eCig: We seem to be in agreement that the company is scamming people, and we want something done. It may take a while to gather the resources we need to actually sue -- in the mean time, keep a record of all your eCig info, and spread the word around through posts, etc.

We will continue forward! Pam


I'm all in too! Just got off the phone with these people trying to get a refund, yeah right not happening.

Got a second shipment in mail about week ago. Since i work for post office i know you can refuse package & return for free. So i did.

The lady tells me today that shipment was a FREE gift & therefore is not eligible for refund. What a crock of ***!!!!


Count me in as well.


Well, I can't spend every second on this, but I will put in time. I'll contact William Patton, from reply above, to start.

We should have a case.

To help, probably gather together any emails, phone conversations, $$$ charged, etc. This is a good site for trading info --


also as far as the FYI for facebook and youtube, these people need to get sued and lose their pittiful jobs! I tried to call them and they just kept hanging up on me! This is not a business this is flagrant thievery!


I will absolutley be on board for a class action lawsuit, this is robbery plain and simple. How could this many people miss something so obvious?

Yakovlevskoye, Moscow, Russian Federation #249205

Can't believe I fell for this ***. Make sure you cancel your card- some other folks had additional charges after the $109.90.


*** yea lets Do this I am a federal attorney so I know my stuff when it comes to stuff like this if you want to contact me Do it by telephone at (336)478-7615


They did the same to me and a bunch of other people. Im for class action against them

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