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I bought there free trail only four days ago, and there unit broke and they want to charge me 175 dollers plus shipping. So dont fall for there scam like me.

free trail what a joke that was and right before chirstmas. never agian will I get one of them e ciggs becouse of there scam. 175 doller free trail. So any buyer bewere of there ripoff.

they need to be shut down for they way they ripoff poeple. This is truly a large scale scam that the goverment should be informed of.

Then the goverment can shut this company down for good. one puissed off customer here.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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ATTENTION: PURCHASERS OF DIRECT E-CIG OR OTHER E-CIGARETTE "TRIAL OFFER" PRODUCTS--We are a law firm with attorneys admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New York, District of Columbia, Georgia and West Virginia. We have also appeared in matters in Florida.

We are interested in hearing about potential wrongfully charged credit cards or debit cards arising from the purchase of "trial offer" e-cigarette products which were supposed to be mailed to the buyer for $0.00 plus $9.95 or $14.95 for "shipping and handling". We understand from this board and other sources that purchasers of the $0.00 "trial offer" were subsequently charged $149.90 and then $69.90 every month for e-cigarette cartridges they did not believe they had ever requested. We may be able to represent you in a class action lawsuit against the responsible parties. There would be no fee to you unless there is a recovery.

Please contact me at the email address indicated to discuss your potential claim.


your so right they are a rip-off but not like you they charged my account $109.90 which was bad enough yours is much worse.Anyway all I was supposed to pay was shiping and handling which I did of $4.95 But when I checked my bank statement they had taken out another $109.90.When I got in touch with them I was told there wasn't anything I could do about it,well thats not true my bank took it over and my funds were put back in by my bank and you can bet the bank will get their money back from them as well as help get them closed down. :(

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