Victims of Direct E Cig Unite!File a complaint with Better Business Bureau (bbb.org/us/ - click on "File a Complaint") and Florida Attorney General (myflorida.com - click on "Consumer Protect" then "File a Complaint).

These crooks need to be put out of business. I had exactly the same experience as the many reviews on this site - lured in by "Free Trial Offer" of Starter Kit for $4.95. Two weeks later additional product was mailed at a charge of $9.95 and a charge of $99.95 for the "free" starter kit.

Call to the company yielded one very rude woman who asserted that the "terms and conditions" (which I never saw on the order page, it must have been in invisible ink) state the actual agreement.Total scam.


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You guys are all idiots!!!!!!


They got me too. I thought i was the only one got fool by this heartless creature.

Paid $4.95 for "free starter kit" then $109.90 showed up out of the blue in my account, without my permission. Company sent me some useless cartridges that I do not want, and did not order. Bank said they can't help me. Bank will be gone soon. U buy from this company, I guarantee, you will get rip off!!!!

I'm ***, consumer protection had been notified. If it happened to u, u must contact your state consumer protection.

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