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Yes, this is a nasty product and scam. Mine didn't even have nicotine or juice. This is why I started to look them up on the web to see if others found the product so bad and then discovered the scam. I didn't know of the recurring charge until then, but luckily still within the 14 day trial period. If it's just after the 14 days, you will be charged at least $10.00 for restocking.

I called the 1-888-217-9026. Held on the line for over 10 minutes. Finally a warm body came on.

I'm to send the box back to them w/all contents inside.

Write on Package:

RMA Number: [customer ID from receipt]

Direct E-Cig

2338 Immokalee Rd.

Naples, FL 34110

If you are outside the 14 days u will be charged a $10.00 restocking fee.

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They got me too. Paid $4.95 for "free starter kit" then $109.90 showed up out of the blue in my account, without my permission.

Company sent me some useless cartridges that I do not want, and did not order. Bank said they can't help me. Bank will be gone soon. U buy from this company, I guarantee, you will get rip off!!!!

I'm ***, consumer protection had been notified. If it happened to u, u must contact your state consumer protection.

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