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I ordered a $5.00 sample e-cig from Direct E-cig. I would have been fine with that little transaction, but now they have charged me $99.00 for a shipment of cartridges that I never knowingly agreed to pay for.

Of course, their customer service woman is tough as nails and just kept telling me I ordered it and I'm going to pay for it. Disgusting. Stay away from these people.

On the other hand, I can't believe this site requires me to post 100 words when I've already said all I have to say.

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Yeah I actually caught them trying to do this to me, I stopped payment on my card, and sent back the Ecig. They are still saying that they didnt get it back and want to charge me $14 to close my account with them.

They are Constantly calling my phone and leaving voicemail after voicemail and Emailing me over and over. I refuse to pay them anything more. I need to figure out a way to block their Calls so they cannot annoy me anymore or maybe change my number. I already blocked their Domain name on my Email.

*** you Direct Ecig! :cry


By the way, I just read (in their HIDDEN fine lines... that once the cartridges are shipped - there are no returns/refunds.

So if you got 'em - smoke em.

Also, I just called my bank and they were able to put a stop payment for future charges to Direct E-Cig.


Sadly to say, I too was scammed by this company. $109.90 is pending on my Debit card with absolutely no notification or agreement.

Beware of these scamming &#*&!


This company is a SCAM!! I also paid $4.95 for the starter kit and was just recently charged $99.90...they didn't even give me 14 days (which I was not aware of).

My sister placed an order for one the same day I did, but she had not received it yet, so she called them and left a message and told them to cancel her order. She then decided to cancel her bank card just in case. The next day they called her and told her that they got her message to cancel the order. They then told her they tried to run her card and it came back declined, so her order was for sure cancelled!!

If they knew she wanted to cancel, why would they try to run her card?? If you've ordered this and have not yet received...cancel your credit card...they are crooks and will steal your money!!


I purchased what I thought was a introductory start kit for S&H of $4.95 which was charged to my Visa Debit card... in just a matter of a very short time I see where they, Direct E-cig make a second charge of $99.90 I stop this charge too my Debit/card by going to the Bank , and i sent the e cig back to them with ten dollars money order,just like they ask .to see if this stop the order.


Please call your local better business bureau and complain about Direct Ecig. This kind of deceptive ads should be against the law.

When I called and complained, they hung up on me.

I intend to call everyday, and tell them what a scam their company is, I don't mind being hung up on and the call cost them, not me. Lets put this company out of business.


I went looking for an e-cig online and discovered a CNN report backing direct e-cig. I used the "Free Trial" and signed up. It was only after I tendered my CC info that a little investigation turned up your post. A little more investigation turned up several posts of consumers complaining about the same thing... being unexpectedly charged almost 100.00 for a free trial.

I tried calling MULTIPLE times (ending up on hold for over 5 minutes each time) and finally wrote an email after leaving 2 messages. When they didn't get back to me right away, I erred on the side of caution and cancelled my CC.

That said, the e-cig showed up anyway. There's no charges on my statement and while I'm happy to return it to them, I'm wondering if I need to worry about them coming after me for collections because I cancelled my card.

Anyone have any experience with this or advice to give?

Opuwo, Kaokoland, Namibia #211897

This company.. if you can call it that...

is a total scam... I purchased what I thought was a introductory start kit for S&H of $4.95 which was charged to my Visa Debit card... in just a matter of a very short time I see where they, Direct E-cig make a second charge of $99.90 and I receive a second package in the mail from them which I have yet to open but have been told by one of their "help folks" that it is the months supply of cartridges I had agreed to purchase as part of the $4.95 S&H I agreed to. What????????

Why, if this is all one purchase and agreement for what I have recieved would it not be billed as one purchase? TOTAL SCAM... and be forewarned YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY if you make the mistake of dealing with Direct E-cig in any fashion. They told me to be sure and state that I did not read the entire agreement upon purchase if I chose to make public comment on this ill advised purchase...

well there... I mentioned it... who do you chose to believe... a scam company or a 30 year health care professional?

Obviously I'm not an Einstein to fall for this scam or to smoke in the first place but smart enough to warn others of this Scam Company... no morals, no concious, no Christians in this place!!!! The E-cig does not function as they say it should either.. imagine that...

scam and junk in one package. Beware, please!!!!!!

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