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I got the introdutry offer which came with a 2 page contract for an additional $109.90 which I got the idea that it would pay for an additional 30 day supply of cartriges. It did not.

But after 6 weeks I had another $69.90 debited from my account after being without cartriges for a month. I had in the meantime found that no other cartriges available were compatible with Direct E-cig because of the thread diameter.

I did however find E-cigs locally available for $12 with atomizers built into the cartrige. These are compatible with most other brands.

Direct E-cig is a scam to seperate you from your money.

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They are Fraud , They Billed My Paypal card three weeks after also for 100.99 . I called them and they said they were sending me 10 refills.

I did not order . In fact i ordered thry an 800 number not internet . There was no contract and i refused all the offers and plainly told the operator NO EXTRAS and i authorize 4.95 ONLY , well .a guy called to verify me ,my card and offered againg And i said NO FURTHER OFFERS Just the 4.95 cigg. I can buy them for 3.99 at the local cigg store .

there disposableand lool exactly the same . why would i be dum enudd to order 10 refills for 100.99 . I did not and you billed a paypal credit card so you know where that is going .

I was Credited Immediatly and i know my post offic mail lady . I will refuse the package and it will not be scanned !!!


Thank u all for being scammed. it sounds wrong but it is sincere.

without u guys being ripped off millions of consumers would not have known what to expect from such an horrible company and our poor excuse of a BBB. FUTURE REFERENCE ANY THING BOUGHT ONLINE SHOULD BE PURCHASED WITH A PRE PAID CARD TO AVOID MONTHLY CHARGES.

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