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Took advantage of the free trial for 4.95 shipping charge try it its free the was shipped cartridges without being notified and then stole 109.00 for them and you can buy the same amount of cartridges for 40.95 at any smoke shop would love to join a class action lawsuit This is not right America on the page with the add for the FREE trial you don't see any terms and conditions when I called them they could not redirect me back to the page with ad I was told the add was at www.directecig/big/ it came up as no such page exists I am on disability and am trying to find something i could use to lesson stress on me I quit smoking by taking up dipping and wanted to see if this would help me quit.the dip habit

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They did the same to me, though they did kindly decide to only rip me off $59.cause they give me a $50.


I believe if they truly felt justified in thier duping of customers they wouldn't even offer a $50.Guess in a sense it's kinda like they were nice enough to use some vasiline.


They stole money from my account too. I am going to report them to the Attorney General and see about starting a lawsuit.


same thing happened to me!!!! I'm trying to dispute the charges with my credit card.

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