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****DIRECT E-CIG IS A LYING CHEATING THEIVING EXCUSE FOR A COMPANY WITH KIDS RUNNING IT AND THEY ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS OUT TO CHEAT HARD WORKING PEOPLE*****(anyone seriously interested in a class action lawsuit, there are 51 other complaints on this "company" sofar) They have bent the laws and rules just enough to semi-legally steal from our accounts!!!!!

I saw an add for Direct E-cig online, they offered a free sample starter kit, just pay shipping and handling. At no time did they introduce me to any terms of agreement to sign up for a so called "money-saver" program.

I had no idea, I recieved the product, and have tried many electronic cigarettes. This one was maybe worth about ten dollars total. It was a pretty crappy model, and I bascially forgot about it. About 21 days later I saw an e-mail saying "we recieved your order, 109.90 will be charge to your account".

I freaked and thought I never ordered anything additional! I called customer service and told the young man "I want this cancelled! I did not authorise any charges!" He said "no problem, it's cancelled". Literally 1 hour later I checked my account and the money was gone.

I called customer service (it's now 11:30 at night) the young girl that answered said "you enrolled in a trial and signed the terms of agreement." I requested a manager and she said they were only available Mon-Fri 8-5:00, I spent a restless night and called in the morning. The young woman now told me there were no managers available I asked when there would be, she didn't answer. After trying to voice my complaint she said "this conversation is going nowhere!" and hung up!

I can not believ the blatant disregard for the customer, the lack of managment or any kind of responsibilty within this company. They stole my money, made false claims, gave me no help and I ended up having to cancel my card and still may be out that money!

Monetary Loss: $109.

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Always read the terms and fine print. Almost 100% of every online or call in "trial" is set up for people to auto-sign up for something after the trial period.

I have no connection to this or any other company and reviewed their offer...they were completely up front.


I just ordered this online in the hopes of helping my daughter who smokes. On the way to the other room a small voice inside me told me to go back and check to see if this was a fraud.

I did and all your comments showing indeed it was a scam came up. I called Bank of America at once and spoke to their fraud dept. They have cancelled my cards and issued new ones, the charge was already there but they wont get a dime.

I feel so blessed that I caught this in time thanks to all of you for your posting. God bless you all and I pray that you all get your money back.


I just called my bank (Bank of America) and they just put a stop pay on future charges from that merchant. They also told me I could dispute the charge, once it's posted. If it's in Pending Status - nothing can be done except from the Merchant's end.


I know the feeling except in my case, I did get the origianl fee cancelled but then a month later they charged my account 70.00 for the refill cartridges that I never received. They claim I never cancelled and that they will not reimburse the 70.00 to my checking account.

I am going to pursue this with my bank and take copies of this web site as my proof.

After all it's my word against theirs. :(


We need to get a class action law suit again this company.

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