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I too was taken in by the free trial offer and I also had missing components which made it impossible to even try the product. I also contacted the company & they said they had lived up to their part of the offer.

Sooo... I contacted my credit card company to decline any charges from Direct E-Cig just in the nick of time before they billed the $109.

They also took off the $4.95 SH charge.

Now they continue to email me wanting the $109 for a product I did not know I was ordering and never recieved.

Someone needs to put these folks out of the business of scaming consumers.

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This also happened to me. They said that it was written in the trial order form that I would be charged.

I do not remember seeing that. If I did I would not have ordered the trial.

So now they are saying that the trial actually cost $4.95 for 14 days and the total price was $109.95. What a scam!!!

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