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Without trying to sound like a broken record here, I would like to forewarn and advise anyone who is thinking of purchasing from this company, Direct E-cig, to NOT DO SUCH!

I have been in the health care profession for 30 years and don't consider myself any less than average intelligence other than the fact I do smoke. A habit I picked up before all the down and dirty on the subject. No excuses, just plain ***. BUT... no more *** then dealing with these folks after reading advisories NOT to deal with them.

I was under full understanding I was purchasing trial kit free by simply paying a $4.95 S&H fee. How could ya go wrong eh? I saw the withdrawal from my acct. after purchase with my Visa debit card. Within a short time I noticed a $99.90 withdrawal from the same company for unknown reason. I received a second package in the mail (the first delivered by Fed X or UPS, don't recall which, but required a signature). I have yet to open the second package, the e-cig in the first package malfunctioned and does not function as described at all. In other words it is JUNK.

My second package intentions were to RETURN TO SENDER but first contacted my bank. They have initiated an attempt to recover my $99.90 and possibly press criminal charges. They also advised me to contact Direct E-cig and tell them to send me no further packages and advise that I will be sending back the unopened package received. They also told me that they would proceed action towards Direct E-cig if they did not reimburse my acct. within 15 days after being contacted.

I contacted them tonite and they were extremely blunt and at times rude stating I had agreed to the $99.90 purchase when I made the payment for S&H of $4.95 for the starter kit stating the actual charger, cig, atomizer and cartridges first sent were part of the second package of 30 day supply of cartridges! Huh? Why would I ever imagine I would be making two payments for the same purchase? This is the hook in this deal. And there is no back pedaling on their behalf when confronted. I was essentially called ***,and in some ways I guess I can't argue that, due to my participation in dealing with this scam and not recognizing the fact.

They, too, told me that if I returned the second package they would not refund the price as it was part of the original purchase and agreement. It is vital to your checking acct. to call Direct E-cig ASAP and tell them to cancel your acct. with them or they will continue to send you cartridges for whatever amt. they have chosen to charge you per month. The number to call is 1-888-217-9026..... good luck folks!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #631192

try e3cigs out of sioux falls. a south dakota company but they ship online anywhere or you can pick up at most local sioux falls retailers.

seriously the best and easy returns/exchanges for anything that doesn't work right.


I went looking for an e-cig online and discovered a CNN report backing direct e-cig. I used the "Free Trial" and signed up. It was only after I tendered my CC info that a little investigation turned up your post. A little more investigation turned up several posts of consumers complaining about the same thing... being unexpectedly charged almost 100.00 for a free trial.

I tried calling MULTIPLE times (ending up on hold for over 5 minutes each time) and finally wrote an email after leaving 2 messages. When they didn't get back to me right away, I erred on the side of caution and cancelled my CC.

That said, the e-cig showed up anyway. There's no charges on my statement and while I'm happy to return it to them, I'm wondering if I need to worry about them coming after me for collections because I cancelled my card.

Anyone have any experience with this or advice to give?

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