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Buyer Beware:

Be careful when you order the introductory Ecig from this company.In small print of disclaimers they will bill you an additonal $89.95 after the first 14 days if you did not call to cancel!

Apparently this happens quite often as the operator who took my call didn't even hesitate. This company is not one I would ever recommend. In fact, I would have continued ordering the product from this company of my choice if given the chance.

However, they take it upon themselves to order for you.Very disapointed again on how these companies will take advantage of you!

Monetary Loss: $89.


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I made the mistake of ordering the ecig trial kit for 4.95.I read everything that I could find and nothing was said about having to call in 14days.

They did however sign me up with two other companies at the same time. I had to call customer service and cancel if I didn't want them. One had already charged my account $1.95. I told themm I did not authorize this and to put it back, which they did.

This morning I found that they took $99.99 out of my account. I am usually easy going but with this I was lucid. I called them and told them to put my money back in the account. The lady finally agreed to 59.99 back and I said no.

I want all my money back as I did not authorize this. She asked if I had read the terms and conditions. I told her I read everything that I could find before ordering and found nothing saying I would be charged this amount after 14 days. Nothing even on the booklet or my bill showed this either.

When I tried the product I almost choked to death. My throat and lungs were raw for 3 days so there is no way I would have re-ordered this. The lady finally agreed to return my money then said would take 7-10 days to do so. I told her no.

It took you 2 seconds to take it out so put it back, now. She agreed and finally said that I could keep the trial kit as a free gift. I told her that it was to end up in the trash. She then tried to give me codes showing it was taken care of.

her English was so bad I could not understand her use of letters. She called a "K" a "key". I told her no letter in the English language sounds like a "key". She told me that she got the job because she could speak English.

Makes me wonder if they are hiring legal people or not.

Anyway, I did get my money back but it took threatening them with a lawyer and holding my ground.I would not recommend this to anyone Even if the product were good, the company stinks.


I forgot they just called me today, I ordered this thing in February and it is July they are a bunch of frauds waiting to *** wash someone else but not me why in the *** did it take them solong to get up with me, sorry you are through. I will not be run over by your lies :upset


I aam glad I found out in time because they were about to take 109.00 out of my account for 9.95.they lie to make money then drain your bank account but not mine.I saw nothing on my pack said to send it back that is contamination but if that is what they want they can surely get it back


I have gotten the same treatment.I called 2 months ago to have them stop sending these horrible things.

Of coure, now I have received 3 more pkg. Their phone number no longer works and neither does their e-mail.

I guess I will have to cancel my credit card, or get a new card number.:cry


I also got ripped by this company and was treated very poorly.That $4.95 turns in to almost $50.00 when you return it!The worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

I was also charged for the owners manual, which I never received and I emailed them as soon as I opened package. 4 of my friends also returned theirs.

Check your options on electronic cigs. i got a way way way better deal at the tobacco shop by my house and it's local! NO shipping cost!

BEWARE of directEcig!


It seems Greg and Jeff (above) must be part of the scam. How you saw so clearly that there was a 14 day trial is beyond me. How much of our money are you getting slipped into your pockets for being just plain ol' idiots???


I AM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE!Calling my bank tomorrow to have them blocked from my account.


I just Google'ed the address for the's the middle of a highway.


My mistake in ordering the free trial was not checking the web.There must be thousands of complaints about this company.

You have 14 days for the trial and must call them for a return authorization number. But, I called and only got a recorded message to please hold for the next available agent. I ate dinner and washed dishes while on hold. No agent ever became available, but someone was available to put a $109 charge on my credit card.

If the big prints says "free trial," reputable companies would disclose the $109 charge after 14 days in large print also.This company clearly wanted to hide that, which clearly makes this a scam.


I orderec this ptoduct before Christmas and attempted to return it before 14 business days were up.I was informed, after repeatedly trying to contact them over the holidays that the 14 days started the day I ordered and all calander days counted.

I have 4 e-mails I sent them and phone records for the calls I attempted to make. A very rude person informed me they were closed for the holidays, but those days still counted as my 14. I sent them back their product, filed a compolaint weith the BBB and an contesting it on my credit card! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

Their product is sub-standard and I have since ordered a much better product!This is a SCAM!


Same deal with me.No where on the site I used was there information about the 14 day trial.

I found various versions of their offer all over the web. Some had the fine print well below where you put in your information and credit card number and where you pressed a "send" button. You would not know it was there unless you scrolled to the bottom of the page. But I don't think I even had that on the site I used.

The day after I ordered they called me by phone to confirm the offer and ask me which strength cartridge I wanted.

This is probably part of the scam.The worst part is that this is a very cheaply made, poorly performing ecigarette that costs about 5-10 times as much as comparable products.

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