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I purchased an E-Cut from about 30 days ago. I had bought it on one of those trial peruods, you have 14 days to try it and if you dont like it all you pay is shipping...well the 14 days begins the day they ship it so I had about 7 days to try it.

I attempted to return it in what I thought was still the allowed time frame but according to their records my trial period had passed. The reason I wanted to return it was because it causes me to have extremely bad headaches. Anyway I was stuck paying the $99.00 for a product I can not use.

Yesterday I happened to go on line to check my bank account and I saw a withdraw for $60.+, from Direct E-Cut so I called to find out whatvrhis was for and was told that they automatically enroll you in this program so that you can get the replacement cartriges for the product.

I explained that I did not want this and was told they would make sure I did not receive any more in the future.

I then asked about returning the cartridges when I get them in the mail and was told they can not be returned the sale is final as soon as they are shipped. Of course they ship before the withdraw is done!

Any honest and replecable company would not have to make money by sneaking and being deceitful in order to sell their product. Unfortunately Direct is not an the honest and replecable company you want to do business with.

If you want to try the E-Give DO NOT buy them through Direct E-Cig try to fund an honest company who doesn't have to be deceitful to sell their product!

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:zzz :upset :eek


They took money out of my account and I havent received anything and I saw no where in the fine print that says they are gonna do that


once again it says in plain english on the website and in the ad that they will enroll you in the monthly program! All you have to do is read! :cry

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