i ordered a starter kit as advertised for a deal at 49.95 for shiping only with a 14 day a 14 day &if not satisfied it could be returned for a refund.Well after 14days they charged my account 109.95.no i did not athorize this charge.When I called the Direct e-cig compiny thay would not refund my money even if i returned it thay would noy refund my money but they would keep it & resail it.what A RIPOF.When it was ordered ther was no mention of having to return it or U would be charged that amount.not only did thay laff st me on the phone but said I WAS A DUMB F****R. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO DO BUSNISS NOR SHOULD THY GET AWAY WITH THIS SCAM.YES WHAT A RIPP OOOOOOFFFFFFFFF

Monetary Loss: $109.

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They got me too. Paid $4.95 for "free starter kit" then $109.90 showed up out of the blue in my account, without my permission. Company sent me some useless cartridges that I do not want, and did not order. Bank said they can't help me. Bank will be gone soon. U buy from this company, I guarantee, you will get rip off!!!!

that fine print is so small, u need a binocular ti read it. what a shame.

I'm ***, consumer protection had been notified. If it happened to u, u must contact your state consumer protection.


Ya, no. That didn't happen.

And they charged you because you didn't cancel within your 14 day trial. Gee, that makes no sense at all.

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