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i purchased the ecig advertised for $4.95 plus shipping and two weeks later i recieved three packs of filters and my debit card was billed for $109.00.guess i didn't read the fine print.

cannot reach the number listed for their customer service,but did send an email.doubt i'll ever get my money back but i will never purchase anything from them again and will warn everyone i know to do the same.

with all said and done,good lesson learned, goes to show nothing is free.directecig you've made me very mad,soooooooooo!


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Scam is right You can,t read their fine print without a magnifying glass and then its even hard to do. :x They cannot be upfront and honest with antone it seems to me.


Oh well, I used a pre-paid debit card, so they cannot get any money out of me that I do not let them have!But this DOEs mean that I will not be able to put $ on that card again for a while.

They may just snatch it up!This smells like a huge scam to me.

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