Malvern, Ohio

I ordered the $4.95 trial of ecig on line. Now all of a sudden I get an email saying that they want to bill me $109.90 per month for refills that I didn't agree to.

When you try to call their customer service number you must wait in an annoying phone *** for over 30 minutes before a tape comes on saying that they're either too busy, or you've called out of hours (which I didn't) and to leave your name and number for a callback. They're a rip-off and terrible company to do business with!

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We got an ad that said you could try E-Cig brand electronic cigarette for free- you just had to pay the $6.00 s&h chg. I figured "why not?".

They asked for a charge card for the shipping chg. We got the e-cig- it was fine. Then two weeks later we got a pack of 10 refill cartridges and two weeks after that, we got another charge on our card for $99.99. Of course, when you call, you are on hold for like 30 minutes and some guy in India(??) or somewhere, who can't speak or understand English very well, tries to offer a discounted price for this, plus tells me that they will continue to send me cartridges for that price EVERY MONTH!!!!

I think smoking real cigarettes is cheaper..... and I never did get through to him that I don't want any more charges or refills.

I am going to have to deal with my charge card company on blocking these charges, I think. :(


same thing happed to me, im charged 109.90 for something i did not order

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